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Horse-assisted Coaching is designed for cognitively and physically healthy people who wish to develop their own leadership, to empower themselves or want to build deeper relationships with themselves and their environment.


It allows a person to be more alert in a given situation, thus accelerating the process of change. By interacting with horses, people are able to discover their limiting patterns that impede them to build relationships of trust.


It also helps to develop Emotional Intelligence skills and competencies which, in turn, will improve their leadership, self-esteem, assertiveness, empathy, communication and other abilities.


A coach works from the domains of language, emotions and corporality; and the horse is a natural leader in non-verbal communication, thus becoming a great ally in the coaching process.


Horses can help people address, recognize and deal with their feelings in a gentle, safe and effective way, which otherwise may be difficult to articulate; to release grievances and resistances; to transform their present, future and past; to improve leadership and generate optimal realities.


To work (often for the first time in your lives) with such a large and powerful creature could be a culture shock for many.

It also helps people with terminal illnesses to solve any pending issues to transcend the terrestrial existence, and their families, to cope with their mourning process.

In addiction centers, this method accompanies the patients and helps to accelerate their healing processes, provide clarity and improve their self-esteem; it also points out the areas that need to be strengthened to successfully complete their treatment and avoid relapses. We also work with families of addicts as they are a fundamental part of the process.


It is important to mention that this method has been used to work with inmates of maximum security prisons in the USA which resulted in reduced rate of recidivism. It has also been used some years ago to treat United States war veterans or military personnel on active service suffering from Post Traumatic Syndrome. Moreover, the US Senate approved a 5 million dollars budget for horse-assisted therapy for the year 2018.


In general terms, we could say terms that it is aimed at any person.

We provide individual, couples and family sessions; we work with children, adolescents and adults as well as with teams in companies, schools, entrepreneurs, parents, foundations, rehabilitation, addiction and social readaptation centers.

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