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Horse-assisted Constellations allow us to be alert to what we hide in our deepest unconscious. We all experience different emotions depending on how we feel in any given moment of our lives. Horses sense our energy and allow us to physically see what is happening within us.


Many of the problems we face throughout our lives have to do with unresolved issues within our family and / or Society (System) to which we belong and to which we are linked by deep bonds we are sometimes unaware of.


Carl Jung, one of the fathers of psychotherapy, explored the meaning of the horse in the Collective Unconscious. In one of his postulates, he mentioned that the horse symbol (archetype) represents the dark and unexplored area of our psyche (our shadow), where our deepest wounds are hidden. It is through our connection with this dark wisdom of the horse that we allow ourselves to bring to light that part of us in order to be complete.



In both constellations and coaching, we work with individuals who seek to resolve an emotional issue or achieve a certain goal.


In this method we never ride horses: everything is done on the ground because we give both the horse and the person the freedom to be and to show their authentic selves, so that a relationship of equality is developed between them.


Equine therapy is a therapy that uses a horse as a natural means for physical and motor rehabilitation of people with special needs or different abilities. It favors cognitive functions such as memory, attention, concentration and orientation, as well as improves motor skills and neuromuscular abilities.


The major benefit is found in certain characteristics that the horse transmits through its back and movements, this being the main reason why this type of therapy is given on a horse.


We can speak of 2 different places where this method began to emerge.


Liz Hartel, a German horse rider whose legs were paralyzed by polio and who won the silver medal in the 1952 Olympics, began using therapeutic riding as an aid to relieve her disability. Different centers of equine therapy that documented the psycho-emotional benefits of working with horses emerged from then on.

On the other hand, the first "Horse Tamers" who made it their work to observe the natural behavior of horses in order to establish relationships of trust between them began to emerge in the United States of America at the beginning of the 1970’s.

It was the fusion of these 2 worlds, together with the foundations of both coaching and constellations that gave rise to this method that started to have a greater boom just 15 years ago

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